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Something About Ken Kho

Before I became a REALTOR, I was involved in a couple of high tech industries - first, computer, and then, Internet. As such, I am quite adept with technology, and am able to use this expertise to help my clients buy or sell homes. Technological advances, particularly in the Internet, have greatly changed the real estate business and it is imperative for real estate agents to have a good handle on high-tech tools to effectively serve clients. It goes without saying, of course, that agents have to be well-versed with the real estate business itself, and my interest and enthusiasm in the business have made me a voracious and studious student of all matters real estate.

While real estate became my vocation only after I moved away from high technology, I actually was involved in real estate when while I was in college. When I was pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering, I was helping my parents in their real estate brokerage. I worked mainly in the office, taking care of creating marketing literature and preparing contracts. After college, when I entered the computer business, I also dabbled in real estate investing for myself, and became a landlord/property manager. 

One important thing I learned from my time in the high tech industries is to listen to my clients very well, to what they articulate verbally as well as silently, and to analyze, resolve and reconcile conflicting messages. I first developed this skill when I conducted system analysis work while computerizing clients' business systems, and honed this further, years later, when I conceptualized, formulated and implemented web-based applications. This skill has proven to be very useful as I help my clients navigate the frequently turbulent and unpredictable processes of home buying and home selling. 

I started my real estate career with a mortgage broker and became well-versed with loan products and loan applications. While I don't do loans currently, my knowledge of loans allows me to help my buyers make sense of loan products, the loan process as well as the lending expenses. This knowledge also comes in handy when I assist my sellers in analyzing purchase offers, and recognizing the possible problems a buyer's loan may have. Next, I moved to Home Funders Real Estate, which had several offices in Alameda County, and worked on both real estate and loans. Unfortunately, my broker quit the business, and I went to New Light Realty in Burlingame, a real estate company focusing on servicing REO listings from financial institutions. After a little more than two years with New Light, in the middle of 2011, I moved to Legacy Real Estate & Associates, a leading brokerage in Silicon Valley.

I have had the privilege of working on an array of transactions - REOs, short sales, probates, regular sales, trust sales - and with each transaction, I take away knowledge and experience that help me improve as a REALTOR and serve my clients better. With the help of my clients, my real estate career has been a rewarding one for me; in addition, I was even recognized as a “Five Star Professional Award Recipient” five years in a row from 2012 to 2016 for being one of a select (less than 5%) group of real estate professionals who are “exceptional in both their ability and their commitment to client’s overall satisfaction”. Out of 22,210 agents surveyed, only 96 have won the award five years in a row starting from the award’s inception in 2012. 

If I have not had the pleasure of making your acquaintance and helping you with your real estate needs, please give me a call at 510-396-5408 or send me an e-mail.